For Parents/ Current Work

Welcome to 5th Grade

Room 32 



We currently studying the following materials:


Math: Unit 2-Decimals, Adding and Subtracting, Mixed numbers, Improper fractions.  Use Reflex for 15 to 20 mins per day if you are in class daily, 20 mins if you are needing to stay home:) Use password - j.schmidtmansour


Language Arts: Wonders selection Who Wrote the US Constitution? Theme 2 Selection 1


Writing: Expository Genre. Reading Articles, taking notes, writing a 3 P essay. This will increase to 4 P and then 5 P by December. Student writing stamina right now is coming along. The Surprising hIstory of the Pumpkin due 10/5.


Social Studies: Geography...Mapping skills, The USA including products, states, capitals, major rivers, major bodies of water, mountain ranges. Due 10/8 


Science: Cells and Cell Structures due 10/8, Earth's Water, Preservation and Conservation due 10/15, The Water Cycle and Cloud Types Due 10/ 15. for Engineering, Goldilock's Holding Area due 10/15. 


Back to School Night concluded.