Everything we do in class has a routine that we practice repeatedly so the tasks can be done quickly and maximize learning time. :)

Raise Your HandThe basic rules that we review daily:Sit Quietly

1. Complete work neatly and on time.
2. Always raise your hand to speak.
3. Listen quietly when others are speaking.
4. Walk in the classroom.
5. Follow directions quickly and quietly.
6. Keep your classroom clean.
7. Use kind words and actions.
8. Use and inside voice.

Children have personal charts in class and fill out a chart daily for how their behavior has been. It'll be sent home every Mondy to be signed and returned in the homework folders. If there is a need, you will be contacted before the chart goes home. The colors on the chart are:

Purple - Outstanding
Dark Blue - Excellent Choices
Aqua/Teal/light blue - Great Effort
Green - Ready to Learn
Yellow - Think About It
Orange - Make Better Choices
Red - Parent Contact