Behavior Plan

I believe that:

right 2 learn

I have 4 rules in my behavior plan:

Class Rules

If a rule is broken, the following is how consequences will be managed.


Parent contact may be a written letter, email, or call.

The letter will have roughly the following content:

Dear ___________

     ___(your child)____ broke the following rule today:

___ Raising a hand before speaking or leaving a seat

___ Keeping hands, feet, and other objects to self

___ Listening and following directions the first time they are given

___ Respecting teacher, classmates, self, and school.

___(your child)____ had to spend time in time out, NOT miss any learning time or work time, but not participating with the class. ____(explanation of situation)_____. Classroom rules must be followed in order to protect the rights of every student to learn and enjoy school. By choosing not to follow them, your child interfered with those rights. Please acknowledge receiving this letter by responding that you received this email. As always, contact me with any questions. 

Thank you for your support.
Mrs. Jolie