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Welcome to Room #32
5th and 6th Grade
Mrs. Schmidt-Mansour

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Updated 2/16/21

We will have a break but will plan that with teachers so we won't create any crowds. I think we will go outside and walk the grass field track. Keep water bottles inside your backpack. Masks are worn at ALL times within buildings, no exceptions. We will have a short break for each cohort, at 8:45 am and 12:45 pm. Snacks are fine during the break.

Lunches will be on a "To Go" arrangement as students depart school grounds. A small snack from home is fine, it must be completely closed until we reach the playground (outside) before masks are removed and social distancing will enforced/required at this time.

You must go through the office if you think you have a medical exception.

It looks like there will be three waves of students returning. Our 5/6 class looks to be the 28th of September. WE will have an AM PM set up for classes. I wish for this month to go quickly.

Out Principal. Mr. Dobbins, has emailed parents the lists for who comes in the AM session and the PM session. Please check those emails.

AM Cohort


PM Cohort

Instructions for getting into campus:

These have been designed with people management/social distancing in mind.

Please have 5th graders enter through the upper gate near the office, proceed along breezeway and line up on the large lower playground ramp, at the top, to meet me there. Socially distance at all times with mask on.

Please have 6th graders enter through lower gate, turn right and go behind the 2 story bldg (do not take small ramp- stay on level ground) and come up at the bottom of the large/lower playground ramp. While keeping mask and social distancing in mind, create a long line on the large blacktop ramp and I will meet my class there.

We wil take temperatures right there and send any students with high temp to health office.

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I began entering grades actively on 8/27/20. Please give me at least 48 hours from the time you have turned in your work. If it does not appear, likely it is due to a question I had and emailed to the student that must be followed up on.

Student using Microscope

5th Grade continues math with Unit 5 and a review of 4th grade long division. If this takes an unusually long time or if some temper arises, review multiplication facts. It is usually the case with long division. We now move into our EggDrop project for science, report due 3/15/21 and the the actual project due 3/19/21 with an egg in a baggie inserted into the project. We have a modified procedure this year so parents cannot come onto campus to watch and thre will be restrictions on the number of classes on the playground to enable the continuing of distancing. n social studies, we havefinished the 13 Colonies and now move into the history, construction, and meanings within the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Believe it or not, every year, people think it will be dry but it is just the opposite. The kids love it!

6th Grade must be using their planners as of 9/11/20. Parents encourage/be firm to further prepare them for the future and allow the gradual release of responsibility. Math Unit #3 is complete and we now move into Unit 4 which is higher levels of geometry. Also, having finished our Ancient Greece and brief entry into history of our own western political thought, we now tackle Ancient Egypt which is always a crowd pleaser. 


NIGHTLY WORK including weekends

Reading for 30 to 45 mins. Asynchronous learning (outside of school learning) also should be between 2 to 3 hours per day/night in addition to in school hours. They should be doing 15 mins of IReady (two math and two reading lessons must be completed per week), Reflex math everyday also (something new for kids who are burned out on Dreambox, Khan etc.) Some projects (eg The egg drop and other engineering may be done entirely at home due to safety and logistics. 



Parents remember helping your student is excellent:)

It is important to help in the right way. Each time instruction is over and they ask you a question, encourage them to be specific and lead you in that they already know. Continually ask yourself, is this "help" preparing my student for their future? It takes a while for them to answer questions. Finding answers together is fine. Be patient as they answer.

A comment such as "I'm lost." Direct them to me. They need to telephone me themselves. 619/956/2455. I will always, always be approachable and positive, take that to the bank.

You can sit there next to them during the call, but they should direct their own learning after 5 to 6 years in school at this stage in their education. Teachers know this is difficult for parents but it is necessary for confidence and a successful life.

Daily Check Ins


Students on an ISC contract should be in touch with me daily.

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 schoolyearJ This year Room 32 will be a 5th and 6th grade combination class. I have taught this before and have already met with both teams. The distance learning has shifted back to scores/grading, meaning that school attendance, participation, work progress and completion are required. It is school and therefore, not optional.

Parents, students must do work (not optional) to continue with progress or we will fall behind other nations and negatively impact future college/ job readiness.

Sixth graders, utilize your planners for due dates and be prepared to turn in work on time full stop. Fifth graders have no planners but will be expected to do the same with regard to work completion and close attention to due dates. Some work will be assigned online and some in soft book consumables. Students can take pictures and submit work via Google Classroom.

Grades/Scores will be based on Synchronous and Asynchronous participation. Synchronous means live, online, in front of me when Microsoft Teams Meetings are scheduled.Asynchronous means work completion, due date compliance, and of course, progress.

Teachers have been trained in Microsoft Teams and have phased out Zoom due to technical challenges. This being said, in the beginning there may be a rough start with students unable to sign on. There aren't any codes, just sign on to Microsoft Teams and look for the class name, press join and I will let you in. Make sure your name is there so I can confirm attendance. Parents you are welcome to join but if you have questions, please see my office hours and utilize them.

The Schedule for Microsoft Teams meetings online will remain up on this site just through the end of October:)

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

AM 8:00 Advisory 6th (online in person every time)

8:30 Math Instruction 5th (online in person every time)

9:30 Math Instruction 6th. (online in person every time)

10:30 ELA 5th/6th (online in person every time)

12:00 Lunch

12:40 - 2:00 (individual/group work offline or online with friends)

1:40 - 2:40 Office Hours (619.956.2455) Often we have staff meetings on Wednesdays


AM 8:00 Advisory 6th

8:30 Social Studies 5th (online in person every time)

9:30 Social Studies 6th. (online in person every time)

10:30 English Language Arts, Writing

12:00 Lunch

12:40 - 2:00 (individual/group work offline or online with friends)

1:40 - 2:40 Office Hours


AM 8:00 Advisory 6th

8:30 Science 5th. (online in person every time)

9:30 Science 6th. (online in person every time)

10:30 ELA and Writing

1:40 - 2:40 Office Hours

This schedule may change as we settle into the year so please allow for flexibility.

Remind: I use Remind texting system to send texts to parents. This is for parents to stay aware of assignments. Text @looncall to tel. number 81010 and it will welcome you to our thread. I have been trying for a year to get my thread name changed from Thill but rest assured, it is me. It is essential parents join this Remind thread and I encourage students to join also. It may be helpful for parents to use a calendar to make notes so no one has to scroll through the thread to find previous assignments and dates. These are helpful tips for you to use and will prevent future stress, for all. As the weeks progress and families hit their stride, it will settle into a routine. A routine is good for all and long term learning takes place in a predictable setting. If you are not a routine person, become one. Every teacher will agree, a parent/teacher giving time, attention, direction, and love will produce a happier, productive student every time.

Curriculum: In addition to Think Central online, Math Expressions 5th, Math Expressions 6th, the English Language Arts portion of class will be Wonders for 6th in (soft materials and online) however it is designed for a 5th/6th combo. Parents of 5th graders for the 2020-2021 school year, your student will use Amplify upon entering 6th next year and not use duplicate resources. Second Step will be utilized as well as other Success Criteria for Social and Emotional Support to assist your student with the changes to the school experience and natural growing challenges. Social Studies and Science will be separated curriculum as well via Pearson and online work.

Materials: The iPads and white packet with my Welcome Letter may be incomplete due to materials being ordered. As such, 5th grade Unit 1 math is being sent home and all other resources will be picked up at scheduled drive throughs for families. Hoping 6th grade materials will be here on time! We thank you for the continued support for students. Students should always, always, always have paper and pencil ready to take notes during each Microsoft Teams Meeting. Sixth grade, you must have paper, pencil, and your planners with you at each meeting. A spiral notebook with tabs would be helpful by the end of August. Five tabs is preferred.

The first three days of school: For students, expect meetings to get used to our new schedule, introduction to subjects, and getting to know each other time. Activities will be similar to in class welcoming schedules and assignments. Have paper, pencil, and any other materials your student may need as they typically start school.

The first three days of school: For parents, expect some jitters now that we are resuming a school year in which grades/scores resume and teachers are not able to support students in person. Please utilize my office hours by phone to discuss concerns. If your student ( or other children ) has had me in the past, please ask them questions and they can help. The key is communication between us. Please don't wait until a problem is causing loss of sleep or is unfixable due to time constraints. Also know, as your student enters this calendar year, they have been in school for 5 to 6 years and know what is expected of them. It really is their responsibility to talk to me first to attempt to fix any issue. Please let them get used to it. This is a safe age to still learn this skill and teachers are firm but not unreasonableJ

Virtual Back to School Night Tentative Dates

8/26/20 6th grade, 5:30 pm

8/27/20. 5th grade, 5:30pm

I look forward to this schoolyear like I always doJ I am missing the kids, totally!

Very best regards,

Jeanne Schmidt Mansour

Room #32

Cajon Park School

Remind instructions to get on class thread

(I have tried with Remind to change my name for a year from Thill, please just know it is me:)


to number :

Parents who are experiencing frustration with scheduling, we tried very hard to observe students with older and younger siblings and to synch them up. It worked with the first 25 or so in our school but we began to run out of placements that would perfectly synch up and teacher classroom numbers. For this we apologise but we did try and it took days. We knew also that parents would be upset, but we anticipated the situation and tried the best we could. Know that this situation is temporary, we are very cognizant of parental pressures, student needs and we promise always to try our best.

Thank you to our community of Santee. :)


All Ipads must be charged nightly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call @



Please resolve/commit to:

1. Make sure your student has sufficient sleep as I do myself so I will not be a daily, cranky hag:)

2. Eat a significant breakfast that will last them until recess or lunch:). (I do this also)

3. Allow sufficient time to arrive at school on time:)

These three commitments by parents can impact a student's self image and efficacy significantly in ways that are wholly positive in every respect.

Red Apple

This website is intended for students enrolled in Mrs. Schmidt-Mansour's class. It will be updated for field trips and parent conferences. Weekly announcements will occur via Remind Text Messaging Service. Please sign up for Remind Text Messaging from me to you:

Text this message:   @looncall
to the number:   81010

Scholastic Book Order information for my class is at the bottom of this page:)

Red Barn House

You will receive text messages weekly in the form of announcements and reminders.

Upcoming Curriculum

Books with Apple

Nightly Homework
Reading 50 minutes
Math Homework
Any unfinished work
Daily Work
Book summaries
( 10 per report card grading period)
5 Paragraph Essays
(easier than you think)
Social Studies
Art (at rotations)
Rotations for Targeted Work and Fine Arts

Paint Brushes

Sixth Grade Camp for Next Year

Now is the time to start saving for next year's 6 th grade camp. Call the Cajon Park office for information and suggestions for saving.

Bee on a Flower


Math Unit 5, review of long division from 4th grade. the key difference will be 2 digit divisors now into larger numbers. If the homework lasts too long it may be due to a need to review and make certain multiplication facts are known.

Behavior-In February going into March, there is a push to continue the level of progress and increase it. Neatness is now stressed as well as personal responsibility. We begin discussing the word, "Impeccable," with allows students to understand and aim for a high standard without any concept of perfection. Try harder and do more but allow for mistakes because we are human.

Any communication should now begin with student to teacher first to prepare them for 6th grade. Please remind your student to read nightly and ask for math homework and lessons to keep up on class work. Thank You:)

Reading Genre for the week of 3/3/2020 is Point of View, Tall Tales, Synonyms and Antonyms. Story selection, Where's Brownie? (a pet lizard) and A Window into History.

Writing Tri 2** 5 Paragraph Opinion Essay format, transitions, topic sentence, points, develop points, concluding sentern for each paragraph, using your own words, NEATNESS:).

Social Studies -Next unit will be United States Constitution and Bill of Rights begins the first week of March. Colonial Day will also be March 20th, the day of the Egg Drop.

Science: Earth and Space Notebooks Due March 20th , Egg Drop reports due March 16th, and Egg Drop projects are due March 20th. Please do not send them in early with an egg, we have no refridgeration and they will have to be sent home.

Engineering- Egg Drop is assigned and project due March 16th. Egg Drop event on March 2oth.

Rotation for Targeted Review for Tri #2 English Language Arts ends this week/

Fine Arts imbedded:)

Math Club should be offered by 6th grade this year and is pending also.

Field Trips
Will be announced here:)

An an email or phone call will suffice from an adult. It will be on a first come basis.


7:45 Math
8:00 PE
8:30 Math resumes
9:20 Recess
9:35 Wonder Reading/ Writing /Arts Attack
10:50 Social studies/Engineering
11:50 Lunch
12:35 Science
1:15 Social Studies/projects

Students in a Class

Garden Volunteers for Room 32

Crow Eating Corn

The Garden at Cajon Park:)
We have a Garden Volunteer!!
Thank you to Mrs. Smith:))))

The hot weather and fire season are over so we hope to get our garden time on schedule:)

We will wait for this heat to abate right now...

My room telephone number;



Possible Months:)

October 31st
is our Harvest Potluck in the afternoon:)

February (Breakfast)
March (St. Patrick's Day)
or End of Year

Parties in 5 th grade are donations only. There is more emphasis placed on the student responsibility and less on a note home for the parents. Donations are appreciated but not expected and we share what comes in.:)

This website is used to distribute information regarding the students in Room #32. All information will be updated with regard to large projects, homework, field trips, and other important data.

Student Writing

Mrs. Schmidt's email is Classroom telephone number is 619.956.2455.

Phone Booth

Mrs. Schmidt's Classroom Scholastic Book Club Orders Class Activation Code MKLH8 Check here for upcoming Field Trip information!


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENT HAS A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP AND A HEARTY BREAKFAST. Any questions regarding its content please call 619.956.2455.

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