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Welcome to Room #32
5th Grade
Mrs. Schmidt-Mansour

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Continues this week 5/22/23 with makeups and one more test in math. 





 The Midway Field Trip 


270+ Uss Midway Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images ...

is the last one of the 5th grade 

calendar year and we allow

6 Chaperones!!!

(6  slots are filled)


ALL Attending Adults/Chaperones ,just be

vetted through the Office or go to the Cajon Park website to

fill out info required. 


Parents can opt to pay full price (approx $32) and attend must still must be vetted:)


Permission slips went home on 5/3/23

with information regarding adults who may want to attend.


It is a blast whether or not you love science and engineering like we do:)


All chaperones must be vetted online or through the office:) 








Upcoming Events

April 21-Lunch on the Lawn Begins at 11:50 am- If you wish for your student to join a younger sibling/your family earlier please send a note:)


May-Spring Testing

May-Trimester 3 Progress Report

June 14 - Final Day of School Year Calendar 2022-23 Tri 3 Report Cards go home. 











A Proposal to End Standardized Testing | Getting Smart



 Please email me at 

[email protected]


Classroom Tel. #




We are using Remind as a text thread to inform parents, students and grandparents of daily assigned work and activities. 


To sign onto Remind

Download the App or you can use a browser,

Text @looncall to tel. 







Thank you:)

Offering Apple


Books with Apple

Daily work and Homework will be reflected in the Citizenship Grade. Please give me at least 48 hours from the time you have turned in your work. If it does not appear, likely it is due to a question I had and emailed to the student that must be followed up on.

Student using Microscope

5th Grade  current work:


Unit 4

Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

Beginning with Money



Daily Math Talk for 

Review of 

Prerequisite Skills (earlier grade content)



 Reading/Language Arts


Classroom Selections

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


Shared Read 


Lion of Mars


Read Aloud



Reading with Student Library Book

six nights a week including weekends 30 mins per night. 






  Assigned every night including weekends. Wonders Language Arts curriculum selection for the week and the Your Turn Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Writing Practice Book. Also the Close Reading Companion, a weekly reinforcer of answering in clear. complete sentences using evidence from the story text.

Book Summaries are required for Effort...5 minimum per grading period of 6 weeks --(12 for a score of 2, 16 for a 3, and 20 for a score of 4 per Trimester).


Tri 1


Non Fiction Article

Auto Biography


3 P Format (3 Pts/dev pts, topic, summarize, conclusion) 

Sensory Language

Verb Shift

Complete and clear sentences

Introduce characters effectively

Introduce settings effectively

Create a problem for your Character to solve


Tri 2

  We are currently doing the genres of Research, Informational, Article Summary and Comparison writing.

5 P Format

Topic Sentence P1

Set a Tone P1

 Cite 3 points P1


Develop all points P 2, 3, 4, 


Summary Sentence P5

Conclusion Sentence P5


Letter to Maggie 5P Format Advice Writing 

Due 1/27/23

Social Studies


Trimester 2

Colonial America

Revolutionary War and US Constitution




Our Night Sky (Constellations) Due 1/13/23


Classification of Stars (Star Light, Star Bright)

Due 1/11/23


Biome Project

includes Trout Food Chain/Food Web Pkt and Habitat Post showing

Food Web due 1/27/23





What or Who REALLY Sank the Titanic ? Due 12/16



Second Step and Success Criteria

 for Social and Emotional Support to assist your student with the changes to the school experience and natural growing challenges. 



Parents remember helping your student is excellent:)

It is important to help in the right way. Each time instruction is over and they ask you a question, encourage them to be specific and lead you in what they already know. Continually ask yourself, is this "help" preparing my student for their future? It takes a while for them to answer questions. Finding answers together is fine. Be patient as they answer. Also we are finding the level of stamina is consistent with projections of learning loss. This is temporary and they will improve.






Very best regards,

Jeanne Schmidt Mansour

Room #32

Cajon Park School


Please resolve/commit to:

1. Make sure your student has sufficient sleep as I do myself so I will not be a daily, cranky hag:)

2. Eat a significant breakfast that will last them until recess or lunch:). (I do this also)

3. Allow sufficient time to arrive at school on time:)

These three commitments by parents can impact a student's self image and efficacy significantly in ways that are wholly positive in every respect.

Red Apple

This website is intended for students enrolled in Mrs. Schmidt-Mansour's class. It will be updated for field trips and parent conferences.

Scholastic Book Order information for my class is at the bottom of this page:)

Red Barn House

You will receive text messages weekly in the form of announcements and reminders.

Upcoming Curriculum

Books with Apple

Nightly Homework

Reading 30 minutes

Math Homework and Remembering

Any unfinished work

Daily Work

Book summaries
( 6 per report card grading period)


5 Paragraph Essays
(easier than you think)

Social Studies


Art (at rotations)

Rotations for Targeted Work (UA) and Fine Arts


Note UA is Universal Access and intended to be an intervention. 

Paint Brushes

Sixth Grade Camp for Next Year

Now is the time to start saving for next year's 6 th grade camp. Call the Cajon Park office for information and suggestions for saving.


Field Trips
Will be announced here:) 


Students in a Class


Garden Volunteers for Room 32


We have volunteers but I am waiting until the heat is over to begin this. 

Crow Eating Corn



PARTY information will be listed here.


Possible Months:)

October 31st
is our Harvest Potluck in the afternoon:)

February (Breakfast)
March (St. Patrick's Day)
or End of Year

Parties in 5 th grade are donations only. There is more emphasis placed on the student responsibility and less on a note home for the parents. Donations are appreciated but not expected and we share what comes in.:)


Student Writing

Mrs. Schmidt's email is [email protected] Classroom telephone number is 619.956.2455.

Phone Booth

Mrs. Schmidt's Classroom Scholastic Book Club Orders Class Activation Code MKLH8 Check here for upcoming Field Trip information!


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENT HAS A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP AND A HEARTY BREAKFAST. Any questions regarding its content please call 619.956.2455.