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In room 18 we use Class Dojo! Dojo is a reward system used by the teacher in the classroom to reward behavior. Students and parents are able to use an app or the computer to view student's Dojo avatar and see where they have earned points. Points are a form of currency in the classroom so they can be used to buy privledges or earn rewards. Dojo points can be taken away in certain circumstances as a consquence for actions or behaviors. Parents will be given a code so they can view their progress. We can also use this for communication between each other.

Dojo Ladder

Dojo is a kid friendly and fun way for students to be responsible for their own behavior and success in class. I rarely use it as a punitive measure but it does happen. Kids generally love Dojo and I have found it to be very motivating individually and as a class group.

Dojo Heart