Behavior System



* REWARDS!! Students will earn a cone to place on their desk for positive behavior and choices exhibited throughout the day. For example, they can display a cone on their desk for having work completed in a timely manner, being on task, participating in class discussions, being a classroom helper, etc. At the end of the day, cones will be replaced with a ticket.Students will get to use their tickets in a weekly drawing to earn prizes and rewards. My goal is to try and catch every student every day doing something positive to earn a cone!

* DISCIPLINE!! When students exhibit poor behavior or make poor choices, consequences will be given. For example, sitting on a Falcon at recess, time away, note home, or sent to another classroom for a cool down period. For disruptive and extreme behaviors, students will be directed to the office. I believe in fair discipline and giving students the opportunity to "right their wrongs". None of us are perfect, but if we can learn from our mistakes and turn our choices around, it is a successful outcome for everyone.