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Language Arts - Common Core curriculum Amplify/Google classroom - focusing on close reading, writing and discussion...learning targets are narrative , expository and argumentative writing, stories, reading skills, writing, mechanics, non fiction articles, Various Historical novels, vocab on Popplet

Flowers for Algernon & other literature short stories, vocab maps, quote logs, quick writes, blogs, close reading, journaling and much more!

Social Studies - US History: Explorers, Colonies, Road to Independence, Patriots vs Loyalists, causes of the Revolution, Declaration of Independence, Founding Fathers, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, War of 1812, Industrial Revolution, Civil War to 1900, Savva (formerly Pearson) online

Physical Education - 7th/8th graders, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag football, Softball first trimester. Please read PE guidelines linked here. PE guidelines for parent/student

CHECKING GRADES ONLINE Each student and family has the opportunity to monitor and check grades online through PowerSchool. As assignments are graded, scores are posted to display each child's individual progress. However, due to the number of assignments and students, grades are not typically input daily, so checking weekly is a great idea. Checking grades online at the end of a trimester is not conducive to improving student grades because assignments that are weeks or months late may not be accepted or eligible for full credit.

Weekly checks of PowerSchool can be helpful for any student or family to help continuously monitor progress. If you are concerned about your child's progress over the course of the trimester, please contact the teacher to discuss details about the class. Do not wait until the end of the trimester...it may be too late.

Directions to Check Grades on PowerSchool: Go to: Cajon Park webpage: http://www.santeesd.net/cp Go to: Parent Resources tab on top Select PowerGrade/PowerSchool Input the ID and Password (note: Parent ID and Password can be personalized and parents can set up an account so that PowerSchool will email a child's grades). Grades listed under the "T" heading are the academic grades which account for tests, assignments, homework, etc. "E" (effort) grades and "C" (citizenship) grades are typically updated only at the end of the grading periods. Click on an actual grade in the "T" column for a particular class and a list of assignments, points possible, and points earned will display. Assignments with a 0 typically are considered missing, whereas those with a blank have not been turned in or graded yet. Please contact the teacher to determine if it is possible to make up a missing assignment.