Distance Learning

Distance Learning Resources

Here is a list of websites, documents, PDFs, and other resources that will be important for you to have during our time of Distance Learning. I hope you find these tools helpful in supporting your child's current educational experience.


Resource Page Information

Accessing Student E-Mail Directions

EPIC Reading (Class Code is prz6127)

Book Summary

E-mail Book Summary Format

40 Book Challenge - Read at Home Extension

I-Ready Self-Monitoring Chart

I-Ready Printable Math Pages

I-Ready Printable Reading Pages

Literacy Packet (Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary)

Interactive Homework Notebook (all curricular areas)

Covid Journal

Falcon PROUD

Distance Learning Menu

Additional Third Grade Writing Prompts

District Writing Choice Board - Set #2

District Science Choice Board - Set #2

District Math Resources - Set #2

District ELA #2

District ELA #3

i-Ready Parent Monitoring

i-Ready Family Information Sessions


Distirct Distance Learning Portal

Clever Learning Portal

Mystery Science

Go Noodle

Printable Multiplication Flashcards

Multiplication Games

Third Grade Activities

Directed Drawings

Khan Academy Parent Account

Falcon PROUD Recognitions - May 8

Falcon PROUD Recognitions - May 15

Falcon PROUD Recognition - May 22

Falcon PROUD Recognition - May 29

Bitmoji Adventures


Words of Wisdom #1

Words of Wisdom #2

Words of Wisdom #3

Words of Wisdom #4

Words of Wisdom #5

Words of Wisdom #6

Words of Wisdom #7


Weeks 1 & 2 Choice Board

Week 3 Choice Board

Map Activity, Star Wars Fitness Challenge, Letter Directions, Letter Template

Week 4 Choice Board

Week 5 Choice Board

Three Branches of Government, Draw-a-Peacock

Week 6 Choice Board

Morning Workout Poster, Morning Workout Instructions

Week 7 Choice Board

Draw an Easy Owl, Draw a Shark,

* Here is an example of what your letter to next year's students could look like...

Letter to Next Year's Class