Technology Support for Parents and Students

Parents needing technical support are to fill out the Tech Support Form located on the Remote Learning Resources website ( and the District technicians will contact them to provide the necessary support. This form is for parents that:

  1. requires technical support with their iPad or digital app or District assigned account
  2. need to drop off an iPad for repair or if they are leaving the district
  3. need to pick up their student's District assigned iPad

If a parent needs to drop off an iPad (either damaged repair or transferring out), they will complete the Tech Support Form and then drop off the iPad (together with the charger/cable) through the mail slot on the technology department door facing Riverwalk Drive.

If a parent need support on Curriculum or Instructional material, please have them email [email protected]. The email will be directed to Educational Services staff for follow up with the parents.

Thank you,

Bernard Yeo

Dir. Technology - Santee School District