Web Resources


*Sesame Street Rhyming Game
*Rhyming Words Rules
*Phonics Rhyming RAP Song (Bean & Frank)
* LeapFrog Talking Words Factory's Vowels "Sticky" Letters
* Short Vowel Songs
* Apples and Bananas (long vowels)
* Short E (hooked on phonics)
* Short I (hooked on phonics)
* Short O (hooked on phonics)
* Vowel Teams
*Vowel Bat

Sight Words & Word Families & Making Words

* First 100 High Frequency Words
* Mary Had a Little Lamb Sight Words
* Sight Words Dragon Story
* Leap Frog Talking Words Factory's Making Words Melody
* How Do You Sound It Out
* Reading Machine 1 (word families)
* Reading Machine 2 (words families)
* Hooked on Phonics (word families)

Word Rules

* LeapFrog Silent E
* Koala Double Phonics
* Silent E (Electric Company)
* Hard and Soft C (Electric Company)
* Nouns: School House Rocks
* LeapFrog Let's Go to School's Animal Families Song
* Parts of a Story


Number Recognition and Counting

* LeapFrog Let's Goto School's: Count With Me Song (counting to 20)
* LeapFrog's Math Circus (# recognition/counting to 10)
* LeapFrog's Math Circus (counting to 10)
* 10 Little Numbers
* Numbers All Around (Harry Kindergarten)
* Numbers Help Me Count (1-20) (Harry Kindergarten)
* School House Rocks: Counting by 5's
* Counting by 5's Rap
* Whatcha Gonna Do? (Count by 2's, 5's, 10's)
* Exercise & Count by 5's (Jack Hartman)
* Let's Get Fit: Count to 100 (Jack Hartman)
* I Can Count to 100 (Harry Kindergarten)
* Chicken Count (Jack Hartman)
* The Big Numbers Song (count to 100 w/ number recognition)
* The Number Rock (Greg & Steve)
* Number Elimination
* Numbers in the Park
* Numbers in the Teens
* Numbers in the Twenties

Addition & Subtraction

* Sesame Street Add & Subtract
* Add Em Up Rap
* Add & Subtract Dance
* 1's Addition Song
* 2's Addition Song
* 5 Speckled Frogs
* 5 Little Monkeys in a Tree
* 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On A Bed
* 5 Red Apples (Harry Kindergarten)


* Hip Hop round the Clock
* Match My Clock

Calendar Songs

* Days of the Week
* Days of the Week 2
* Days of the Week Clapping
* Months of the Year
* Icecream Calendar (days and months)
* Days of the Week Rap with TV
* There are 7 Days in the Week
* 12 Months in a Year (Harry Kindergarten)

Money & Coins

* Show Me The Money: Coins

* 3-D Shapes Rap
* 2-D Shapes Rap
* Shapes Song 1
* Shapes Song 2
*The Shape Song 3
* Cookie Monster Shape Cookies
* Ernie's Shape Cookies
* Shapes Animation: Sesame Street
* Shapes (draw in the air)

Mixture of Math

* Galaxy Kids Math On The Bus (9 minutes....all math)
* Galaxy Kids Math: In the Jungle (9 minutes....all math)


Weather & Seasons

* The Four Seasons
* What's the Weather Today?
* Season's Rap
* Weather
* Weather (Dr. Jean)
* Chicken Soup with Rice (book and song)
* Fall (Harry Kindergarten)


* And the Green Grass Grows All Around (Barney)
* The Needs of a Plant Rap
* Plant Parts (Dr. Jean)
* The Tiny Plant Book
* Green Bean Germination
* I Love Apples (Harry Kindergarten)
*Apple Pickin' Time in the Fall


* Ants Go Marching
* Butterfly Eclosing
* The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Misc. Science Shorts:
* What a Wonderful World (great video of our world)
* Flying Over Planet Earth
* Jazzy Jumpers (kids pretend to jump rope with the jumpers)
* National Geographic: Volcano Lava
* National Geographic: Jellyfish Lake
* Octopus Walks on Land
* Egg Hatching
* Landscapes 1
* Landscapes 2
* How Crayons Are Made: Sesame Street
* Life Cycle of a Frog

Patriotic or USA Songs:
* Preamble: School House Rocks
* Pledge of Allegiance
* My Country Tis of Thee
* 50 States Rhyme

Movement Songs:
*.Goodmorning & How Are You?
* Goodmorning (Greg & Steve)
* This is How We Say Hello
* Tooty-Tah
* Going On A Bear Hunt
* Cha Cha Slide
* The Chicken Dance
* Dinosaur Stomp (Koo Koo Kanga Roo...so fun!)
* Shake Break
* The Crazy Frog (great for brain break movements)
* The Crazy Frog: Popcorn (another perfect song for just dancing)
* The Crazy Frog: We Are the Champions (just for movement)
* The Crazy Frog: Knight Rider (just for movement)
* Banana Dance (Dr. Jean)
* Robin in the Rain
* Animal Sounds
* Bingo
* Where is Thumpkin?
* Happy Birthday
* If You're A Kid....(Rap)
* Everybody Dance Now (Slugs)
* The Duck Song (good for rhyming)
* Ice Age Shuffle (good for brain break)
* Go Bananas (Harry Kindergarten)
* Boom Chicka Boom
* Wishy Washer Woman
* Ants In Your Pants
* Move to the Sounds (Jack Hartman)
* 5 Senses (Harry Kindergarten)
* My Whole Body Can Move (Jack Hartman)
* Afro Circus Remix (brain break)
* The Hamster Song: Just Dance (brain break)

* Colors! Colors! (Harry Kindergarten)
* R-E-D Color Song
* O-R-A-N-G-E Color Song
* Y-E-L-L-O-W Color Song
* G-R-E-E-N Color Song
* B-L-U-E Color Song
* P-U-R-P-L-E Color Song
* B-R-O-W-N Color Song
* B-L-A-C-K Color Song
* W-H-I-T-E Color Song
* P-I-N-K Color Song

Classroom Management & Transition Songs:
* Don't Tattle Rap
* It's Time to Clean Up
* Clean Up Robot (Harry Kindergarten)
* Come to the Rug
* Tidy Up
* Criss Cross Apple Sauce (Harry Kindergarten...very short)
* Bucket Fillers
* Be A Bucket Filler
*Don't Laugh At Me

Books To Read (with music)
*Rosie's Walk
*Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
* Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
*Kittens First Full Moon (Kevin Henkes)

* Subtract with a Pirate
* AR Pirate Song (Heidi's Songs)
* Silly Pirate Song (Jack Hartman)
* Portside Piratet (port=left, starboard=right)
* Roll Up the Map: Disney Jr. (Jake & the Neverland Pirates)
* Talk Like a Pirate: Disney Jr. (Jake & the Neverland Pirates)



* The Skeleton Dance
*5 Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate
*Pumpkin, Pumpkin


* Turkey Time
* The Night Before Thanksgiving

Christmas/Gingerbread Man

* Gingerbread Man Story & Song (Jack Hartman)
* Deck the Halls (Animals)

Groundhog's Day

* I'm a Little Groundhog

Martin Luther King

*MLK Video of his life

Valentine's Day

* Skidamarink: Valentine's Day

President's Day

* President's Day Rap (Washington and Lincoln)
*History Vide Washington

Dr. Seuss

* Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs and Ham Book
* Dr. Seuss: The Sneeches Book

St. Patrick's Day

* Counting with Leprechauns

Typing Practice:
* Dance Mat Typing

Exercise Websites:
(we use these on high heat and rainy days)
* GoNoodle

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