Ms. Kull's Supply List

Recommended Supply List

Dear Parents of Ms. Kull's Students,
We know that your children enjoy bringing in their very own school supplies. To take advantage of the Back to School sales and send your child well stocked, below is a suggested list of items your child will need each day throughout the school year in second grade. We are hoping to avoid having you purchase any unnecessary items, which will ultimately be sent home.

  1. *** Headphones for your child's iPad
  2. ***glue sticks
  3. 1 box full length colored pencils (sharpened!)
  4. Extra pencils (sharpened) 
  5. Box of  Ziploc bags -gallon size
  6. Kleenex- can be sent in through the school year
  7. 1 ream white copy paper

Please note: Do not bring a pencil box. Students do not need to bring in paper or an extra notebook. Storage space is a problem. There may be other classroom needs that I will inform the class about or let parents know at Back to School Night.