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Brain Breaks and
Educational Youtube Videos!

The Following Videos are in Order as Follows:

Social Studies
Brain Breaks
Classroom Management
All About Me
Books To Read
Holidays and Special Days

**Note: Ads may appear before the videos**


Alphabet and Sounds
* Alphablocks Homepage (link to all)
* Alphablocks ABCs
* LeapFrog Letter Factory's Alphabet Sounds
* Leap Frog Letter Factory's ABCs
* Leap Frog Alphabet Song
* Learning My Letters (Harry Kindergarten)
* Alphabet Workout (Jack Hartman)
* Hands Up For Letter Sounds (Jack Hartman)
* Letter Sounds (Jack Hartman)
* Hip Hop Alphabet (Jack Hartmann)
* Who Let the Letters with pictures and sounds (Dr. Jean)
* Who Let the Letters Out (No Sound) Dr. Jean
* Phonercise (Dr. Jean)
* Lettercize (Dr. Jean)
* Alphahardy (Dr. Jean)
* ABC Phonics (Have Fun Learning)
* What Do The Letters Say? (Have Fun Learning)
* Letter A Song (Have Fun Learning)
* Letters A-Z Song Links (Have Fun Learning)
* ABC Story Bots (all videos are great)
* Storybots (letter a but this video links to all letters!)
* Everybody Sing the ABCs (Hooked On Phonics)
* Letters, Letters, Letters (Hooked on Phonics)
* Big and Small Letters (KidTV)
* We are the Alphabet (KidTV)
* ABC Under the Sea (KidTV)
* ABC RAP (Bean & Frank)
* ABC Rap (Dance Phonics)
* ABC Rap
* Usher's ABC
* ABC ROCK (Greg and Steve)
* ABC Phonics Chant
* ABCs Super Simple
* Do You Know Your Alphabet?
* Phonics Song Hoopla Kids
* What's This? (Alphabet Letters with pictures)
* Koala Phonics Chant
* ABC Sign Language
* Wee Hands Signing the Alphabet
* Hip Hop Alphabe with ACHOO
* Teach Me How To Read with Letters
* Elvis Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
* Alphabet Sounds (picture with sounds)
* Bean Bag Alphabet Rag (Hap Palmer...use a bean bag)
* Reverse ABC...CBA

* Rhyme Time (Hooked on Phonics)
* Sesame Street Rhyming Game
* Rhyming Words (Jack Hartman)
* I Love To Rhyme (Jack Hartman)
* Exercize, Rhyme & Freeze (Jack Hartman)
* Phonics Rhyming RAP Song (Bean & Frank)
* Down by the Bay
* The Duck Song

* Vowel Teams
* Vowel Bat
* The Vowel Song
* Muffin Songs AEIOU (lots of other videos)
* Vowel Boot Camp (Read Between the Lion)
* Intro to Vowels Prep
* The Vowel Samba (Jack Hartman)
* AEIOU Song
* LeapFrog Talking Words Factory's Vowels "Sticky" Letter
* Short Vowel Songs
* Froggy Short and Long Vowel Song
* Apples and Bananas (long vowels)
* When Two Vowels Go Walking (Jack Hartman)
* Short A (hooked on Phonics)
* Short E (Hooked on Phonics)
* Short I (Hooked on Phonics)
* Short O (Hooked on Phonics)
* Short U (Hooked on Phonics)

Sight Words
* First 100 High Frequency Words
* Sight Words Rap (Jack Hartman)
* Sight Words 1 (Jack Hartman)
* Sight Words 2 (Jack Hartman)
* Sight Words 3 (Jack Hartman)
* Sight Words 4 (Jack Hartman)
* Sight Words 5 (Jack Hartman)
* Sight Words 6 (Jack Hartman)
* Sight Words 7 (Jack Hartman)
* Sight Word the (link to others also, you, to, I and, etc) (Have Fun Learning)
* Sight Words (Rock & Learn)
* Sight Words (KidsTV)
* 100 Sight Words (Elf Learning)
* Mary Had a Little Lamb Sight Words
* Sight Words Dragon Story
* Sight Word High Frequency
* Popcorn Words (Jack Hartmann)
* Colors (Jack Hartman)

Blending and Building Words
* Leap Frog Talking Words Factory's Making Words Melody
* Let's Make Words (Jack Hartman)
* Stretchy The Word Snake (Jack Hartman)
* How Do You Sound It Out
* Reading Machine 1 (word families)
* Reading Machine 2 (words families)
* Hooked on Phonics (word families)
* If You Can Read "at" (Read Between the Lions)
* The Big Pig (Hooked on Phonics)
* -at family (Jack Hartman)

Word Rules
* Q without U (Read Between the Lions)
* Koala Double Phonics
* Hard and Soft C (Electric Company)
* When Two Vowels Go A Walking (Read Between the Lion)
* Syllable Lesson (Robot Speak)
* Consonant Blends

Silent e
* Magic Super E
* Magic E Song
* Silent E (Alphablocks)
* Silent E (Jack Hartman)
* Silent E (The Bazillions)
* Silent E
* Silent E Blues
* The Bossy E

* "Transformer H" with Ne-Oh
* Mr. H and His 4 Girlfriends
* Meet the Digraphs
* The Digraph Song
* Digraphs (Alphablocks)
* Digraphs (Jack Hartman)
* Digraph TH (Jack Hartman)
* Digraph SH (Jack Hartman)
* Digraph CH (Jack Hartman)
* Digraph WH (Jack Hartman)
* Digraph PH (Jack Hartman)

Parts of Speech and Grammar
* Nouns: School House Rocks
* Nouns (Have Fun Learning)
* Noun Town
* Verb is a Word
* Action Verb
* Adjective Song
* Prepositions
* Busy Prepositions (School House Rocks)
* Interjections
* Interjections (School House Rocks)
* Similes and Metaphores

* Story Elements (Jack Hartman)
* Parts of a Story
* Fiction Vs. Nonfiction (Harry Kindergarten)
* The Nonfiction Trail (non fiction and fiction)
* Elements of a Story Rap


Number Recognition and Counting
* The Number Rock (Greg & Steve)
* Chicken Count (Jack Hartmann)
* Sesame Street Counting
* Number Elimination
* Numbers in the Park
* Number Formation
* Drawing Numbers (Dr. Jean)
* I Can Show Numbers in Many Ways (Jack Hartman)


* This is the Number Zero (Jack Hartman)
* Zero the Hero (Jack Hartman)
* Zero the Hero (Sesame Street)
* Zero the Hero (School House Rocks)
* Zero (Heidi'sSongs)

Counting to 10
* LeapFrog's Math Circus (counting to 10)
* LeapFrog's Math Circus (# recognition/counting to 10)
* 10 Little Numbers
* Count to 10 (Jack Hartman)
* I Can Count to 10 (Jack Hartman)
* Subitize Up to 5 (Jack Hartman)
* Number Word Rap (Harry Kindergarten)
* Number Word Rock

Counting to 20
* LeapFrog Let's Go To School: Count With Me Song (counting to 20)
* Numbers Help Me Count (1-20) (Harry Kindergarten)
* Count to 20 (Harry Kindergarten)
* Counting with Leprechauns (Harry Kindergarten)
* Count to 20 Workout (Jack Hartman)

Counting to 100
* Let's Get Fit: Count to 100 (Jack Hartman)
* I Can Count to 100 (Harry Kindergarten)
* Counting Superhero (Harry Kindergarten)
* Macerena Count to 100 (Dr. Jean)
* Pump Up to 100 (Dr. Jean)
* The Big Numbers Song (count to 100 w/ number recognition)
* Count to 50 (Jack Hartman)
* Welcome to the Zoo (Jack Hartman)
* Number Word Rap to 100

Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s
* Whatcha Gonna Do? (Count by 2's, 5's, 10's) (Harry Kindergarten)
* Workout Counting (Jack Hartman)
* Counting by 2s (Have Fun Teaching)
* Count by 2's (Jack Hartmann)
* School House Rocks: Counting by 5's
* Count by 5's (Have Fun Learning)
* Count by 5's (Jack Hartman)
* Numbers in the Teens (Harry Kindergarten)
* Numbers in the Twenties(Harry Kindergarten)
* Numbers in the Teens Have a Group of Tens (Harry Kindergarten)
* Climbing Up This Mountain (by 10s to 100) (Harry Kindergarten)

Counting with Spanish
* Counting to 10 Sesame Street
* Numbers in Spanish (KidsTV)
* Numbers in Spanish
* Count to 100 in Spanish (Jack Hartman)

Addition & Subtraction
* Sesame Street Add & Subtract
* Sesame Street Word on the Street: Subtraction
* Elmo Subtraction
* 1+1=Fun!
* 1's Addition Song
* 2's Addition Song
* I Can Add (also in spanish)
* 5 Speckled Frogs
* 5 Little Fish (Jack Hartmann)
* 5 Little Monkeys in a Tree
* 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On A Bed
* 10 In A Bed (subtraction)
* Add Em Up Rap (Harry Kindergarten)
* When You Add with a Pirate (Harry Kindergarten)
* When You Subtract with a Pirate (Harry Kindergarten)
* I Can Add Doubles 6-10 (Harry Kindergarten)
* Let's Learn Our Addition Facts (Jack Hartman)
* What Makes 10 (Jack Hartman)
* I know My Number Bonds (Jack Hartman)
* When You Add Zero to Any Number (Jack Hartman)

Time and Clocks
* Hip Hop Around the Clock (Jack Hartman)
* Time: Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow (Storybots)
* Time: Minutes and Hours (Storybots)
* What's the Time?
* What Time Is It?
* Learn to Tell Time

Calendar Songs
Days of the Week

* Days of the Week (Kid TV)
* Days of the Week 2 (Kid TV)
* Days of the Week Adam's Family (Dr. Jean)
* Days of the Week Clapping
* Days of the Week (Greg and Steve)
* Days of the Week (Busy Beavers)
* Days of the Week Rap with TV (Harry Kindergarten)
* How Many Days in a Week? (Harry Kindergarten)
* I'm Talkin' about the Weekend (Harry Kindergarten)
* DAY-O! (Learning Station)
* There are 7 Days in the Week (Learning Station)
* Days of the Week (Have Fun Learning)
* Rock-N-Roll Days of the Week (Jack Hartmann)
* Days of the Week Rap (Jack Hartman)
* Seven Days (Story Bots)
* Days of the Week Spanish
* Days of the Week Spanish (Greg and Steve)

Months of the Year
* Months of the Year (Kid TV)
* Months of the Year Song
* Ice Cream Calendar (Days and months) (Busy Beavers)
* 12 Months in a Year (Harry Kindergarten)
* Months of the Year (Learning Station)
* Months of the Year (Jack Hartman)
* Twelve Months (Storybots)
* Months of the Year Spanish
* Months of the Year (Greg and Steve)

Money & Coins
* Money, Money, Money

* 3-D Shapes Rap (Harry Kindergarten)
* 2-D Shapes Rap (Harry Kindergarten)
* Secret Agent Shapes (Harry Kindergarten)
* Shapes, Sides, Vertices (Jack Hartman)
* 2D Shapes Are Everywhere (Jack Hartman)
* 3D Shapes (Jack Hartman)
* 3D Monster Trucks
* 2D & 3D Shapes with Monster Trucks
* Shapes Song 1 (Kid TV)
* Shapes Song 2 (Kid TV)
* The Shape Song 3
* Nonagon Shapes (pentagon, hexagon, octagon)
* Shape Song (Have Fun Teaching)
* Shapes Draw in the Air (Have Fun Learning)

* The Bunny Goes Hop Patterns (Harry Kindergarten)
* Pump Up The Pattern (Jack Hartman)
* The Pattern Song
* Sesame Street Guess What's Next Patterns

Mixture of Math
* Galaxy Kids Math On The Bus (9 minutes....all math)
* Galaxy Kids Math: In the Jungle (9 minutes....all math)

Weather & Seasons
* The Four Seasons (Harry Kindergarten)
* If You Need to Know the Seasons (Harry Kindergarten)
* What's the Weather Today?
* Weather
* Weather (Dr. Jean)
* Chicken Soup with Rice (book and song)
* Spring is Here (The Learning Station)
* A Year On Planet Earth: 4 Seasons (real images)
* Apple Pickin Time in the Fall
* Four Seasons (Storybots)

* And the Green Grass Grows All Around (Barney)
* The Needs of a Plant Rap (Harry Kindergarten)
* Parts of a Plant (Harry Kindergarten)
* Going Green (Harry Kindergarten)
* What a Plant Needs to Live (Jack Hartman)
* Plant Parts (Dr. Jean)
* The Tiny Plant Book
* Green Bean Germination

* Insect's Body (Dr. Jean)
* Ants Go Marching
* Butterfly Eclosing
* The Very Hungry Caterpillar
* Butterfly Lifecycle (Harry Kindergarten)
* Lifecycle of a Butterfly (Jack Hartman)

* The Needs of an Animal (Harry Kindergarten)
* I Am An Animal (Harry Kindergarten)
* Froggy Froggy Life Cycle (Harry Kindergarten)
* Habitats
* Animal Habitats (Jack Hartman)
* Robin in the Rain
* Animal Sounds

Living Things
* Living Things (Jack Hartman)
* Non-Living Things (Jack Hartman)

Physical Science
* Matter (solids, liquids, gas) (Harry Kindergarten)
* The Thermometer Song (Harry Kindergarten)

Earth and Space
* The Earth Song (Storybots)
* Outer Space (Storybots)
* Outer Space is Beautiful (Story Bots)
* The Solar System (KidsTV)
* The Planet Song

GREAT "Real" Science Videos (I use them for transitions)
* What a Wonderful World (great video of our world)
* Flying Over Planet Earth
* Jazzy Jumpers (kids pretend to jump rope with the jumpers)
* National Geographic: Volcano Lava
* National Geographic: Jellyfish Lake
* Octopus Walks on Land
* Egg Hatching
* Landscapes 1
* How Crayons Are Made: Sesame Street
* Vampire Bats
* National Geographic: Amazing Animals (over 100 videos)
* Meet the Dinos (National Geographic)
* How to Milk a Cow
* Nesting American Robin (feeding baby chicks)
* How Bubblegum is Made

Patriotic or USA Songs
* Preamble: School House Rocks
* Pledge of Allegiance
* My Country Tis of Thee
* 50 States Rhyme
* Charlie Brown Election
* Voting Time!
* School House Rock: Rock the Vote!
* School House Rock: Electoral College
* America To Me (Jack Hartman)
* My Flag (Dr. Jean)

BRAIN BREAKS and Movement Songs:

* Goodmorning(Jack Hartman)
* Goodmorning (Greg & Steve)
* This is How We Say Hello
* Kids Yoga (1)
* Kids Yoga (2)
* Stretching Song (Have Fun Learning)
By Koo Koo Kangaroo
* Dinosaur Stomp (A Class Favorite!!!)
* No Crust (Koo Koo Kanga Roo)
* What's That You Say? (Koo Koo Kanga Roo)
* Awesome Rainbows (Koo Koo Kanga Roo)
* Wiggle It
By Crazy Frogs
* The Crazy Frog
* The Crazy Frog: We Are the Champions
* The Crazy Frog: Knight Rider (just for movement)

By Just Dance
* Ghostbusters
* What Does the Fox Say?
* Emoji Movie
* Gummy Bear
* Frozen: Let It Go
* Ice Age Shuffle
* Afro Circus Remix (Madagadcar)
* Dance Along Surfs Up (Teen Beach Movie)
By Sesame Street
* I Am Elmo And I Know It (My New Favorite Brain Break!!!)
* Sesame Street: I am Special with Will-I-Am
By Jack Hartmann
* Pizza Man Song
* Tooty Top Hio Hop
* Cowboy Dance
By Dr. Jean
* Tooty-Tah
* Banana Dance
* Going On a COOL Bear Hunt
* Hello Friends (Dr. Jean)
By Harry Kindergarten
* If You're A Kid
* If You're a Kid Animal Remix
* Fire Safety
By The Learning Station
* Boom Chicka Boom
* Wishy Washer Woman
* Dancing Robot
* Go Bananas
By Pancake Manor
* Shake Break
* Move Your Legs and Arms
Mix of Artists
* Bingo
* Going On A Bear Hunt
* Cha Cha Slide (Lazy Town)
* It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time
* Kids Bop I Love It
* Everything is Awesome Lego Movie

Classroom Management & Transition Songs
* Tattle Questions (Harry Kindergarten)
* It's Time to Clean Up (Harry Kindergarten)
* Clean Up Robot (Harry Kindergarten)
* If You Want to Get the Teacher's Attention (Harry Kindergarten)
* Bully Free Zone! (Harry Kindergarten)
* Come to the Carpet (Harry Kindergarten)
* Rules in the Classroom
* Tidy Up
* I Can Follow Rules (Heidi's Songs)
* School Rules
* Classroom Manners with Al the Alligator
* Bucket Fillers (The Learning Station)
* Be A Bucket Filler
* Don't Laugh At Me
* Don't Give Up (Bruno Mars and Sesame Street)
* Working Together: The Power of Teamwork

All About Me (Body, Feelings,Senses)
* Happy Birthday (KidTV)
* Happy Birthday
* Sesame Street: I am Special with Will-I-Am
* My 5 Senses (Dr. Jean)
* My Senses Work
* 5 Senses (Have Fun Learning)
* 5 Senses
* Where is Thumpkin?
* Sammy/I'm Glad I'm Me! (Hap Palmer)

* Colors Robot! (Harry Kindergarten)
* Color Rap (Harry Kindergarten)
* Colors! Colors! (Harry Kindergarten)
* Color Rap (Jack Hartman)
* Color Song Collection (KidsTV)
* The Paint Has Colors (Busy Beavers)
* The Color Song (Hooked on Phonics)
* R-E-D Color Song
* O-R-A-N-G-E Color Song
* Y-E-L-L-O-W Color Song
* G-R-E-E-N Color Song
* Green Song (Hiedi's Songs)
* B-L-U-E Color Song
* P-U-R-P-L-E Color Song
* B-R-O-W-N Color Song
* B-L-A-C-K Color Song
* W-H-I-T-E Color Song
* P-I-N-K Color Song

* Subtract with a Pirate (Harry Kindergarten)
* AR Pirate Song (Heidi's Songs)
* Sesame Street: Barnacle Subtraction with Elmo
* Silly Pirate Song (Jack Hartman)
* Portside Pirater (port=left, starboard=right)
* Roll Up the Map: Disney Jr. (Jake & the Neverland Pirates)
* Talk Like a Pirate: Disney Jr. (Jake & the Neverland Pirates)
* A Pirate Story
* A Pirate You Shall Be: Just Dance

Books To Read
* The Gingerbread Man
* Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes
* Pete the Cat Wheels On the Bus
* Pete the Cat Rockin My School Shoes
* Pete the Cat & His 4 Groovy Buttins
* Pete the Cat Dancing!
* Chrysanthemum
* Kittens First Full Moon (Kevin Henkes)
* How Full is Your Bucket?

Author Study
* Meet David Shannon

Holidays and Special Days
Christopher Columbus

*Christopher Columbus
* The Skeleton Dance
* 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting On A Gate
* Pumpkin, Pumpkin
* Halloween Night (Wow Wow Wubsey)
* 10 Little Monsters
* Thriller Animation
* Bats, Bats, Bats
* Pumpkin Orange, Pumpkin White
* Frankenstein "Frankie"
* The Night Before Thanksgiving
* 5 Little Turkeys (The Learning Station)
* 10 Little Turkeys (The Learning Station)
* Alburquerque Turkey
* The Littlest Pilgrim (Learning Station)
* Thank you for Thanksgiving (Storybots)
Christmas/Gingerbread Man
* The Tale of the Gingerbread Man Sing and Read Along (Heidi's Songs)
* The Gingerbread Man Song
* Deck the Halls (Animals)
* Up On the Roof Top (The Learning Station)
* Must Be Santa
* Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
* Polar Express Hot Chocolate
Groundhog's Day
* Groundhog's Day
* Peeps Groundhog
* My Shadow
Martin Luther King
* MLK Video of His Life
100th Day
* 100th Day of School (Harry Kindergarten)
* 100th Day

Valentine's Day
* Skidamarink: Valentine's Day
* It's Valentine's Day (Jack Hartman)
President's Day
* Getting to Know George Washington
* Getting to Know Abe Lincoln
* The Presidents
* The Presidents (with Arthur)
* 43 Presidents Plus One (faces change)
* Nicolodeon Presidents
* Sesame Street: Elmo is President
Dr. Seuss
* Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs and Ham Book
* Dr. Seuss: Hop on Pop
* Dr. Seuss's ABC Book
* Dr. Seuss: The Sneeches Book
* Justin Bieber Reads Cat in the Hat
* The Lorax Song "Let It Grow"
* The Lorax "The Thneedville Song"
* The Lorax "How Bad Can It Be?"
* Dr. Seuss Clean Up (puppet characters)
St. Patrick's Day
* Counting with Leprechauns (Harry Kindergarten)
Earth Day
* Going Green (Harry Kindergarten)
* Going Green (Having Fun Learning)
* The Lorax Song "Let It Grow"
* Recycle (Jack Hartman)
* The Bunny Goes Hop! (Harry Kindergarten)