ABCs of what to expect from TK



A-    Alphabetic principles, Art, Awareness

B-    Balance, Book handling

C-    Comprehension, Communication, Community, Concepts, Couniting,        Creativity, Cutting

D-    Dance, Development, Drama

E-    Emotional growth, Engagement, Express

F-     Feelings, Fine-motor, Foundational Skills, Friendships, Fun

G-    Grammar, Gross-motor, Groups. Growth mindset

H-    Health Habits, Home

I-      Imagination, Independence, Inquiry, Interactions

J-     Joy

K-    Kindergarten Readiness

L-     Language, Letters, Listening, Literacy

M-   Math, Meaning, Measurement, Movement, Music

N.    Names, Notice, Number sense, Nutrition

O.    Observation, Oral language

P.     Participation, Patterning, Phonemic Awareness, Play, Print, Puppets

Q.    Quantity, Questioning

R.    Reading, Relationships, Responsibility

S.     Science, Self, Sharing, Social Growth, Social Studies, Sorting,            Sounds, Speaking

T.     Taking Turns, Technology, Sense of Time

U.    Understanding

V.    Visual Arts, Vocabulary

W.  Words, Writing

X.     Flexibility

Y.     You are special

Z.     Zoo Animals