Egg Drop



Egg Drop Challenge - Left Brain Craft Brain

Fifth Grade Egg Drop!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

All of the fifth grade students will be participating in the Annual Egg Drop 2024.

The report is due Monday, March 18.

The drop from the bridge will take place on Friday, March 22, 2024.

The goal of this project is to Engineer/design a way to protect a raw egg that will be dropped from our bridge on Friday. Please read the instructions on the back of this letter carefully with your child so all have a clear idea of what is expected for this project’s report. This is a large part of your student’s science grade in our class. But don’t worry; they will not lose points if their egg breaks!


Ms. Gulbranson, Ms. Baranov, Mrs. Clixby,  Ms. Tolnay, Ms. Padberg

The following is a sample of the scoring you will receive.

Egg Drop Scoring


Turned in on time____________20pts


a.) Planning Stage_________20pts

b.) Construction___________20pts

c.) Test Flight_____________20pts




Total Score_________________100pts




Report Due Date: Monday, March 18, 2024.

Instructions for Students:

Your job is to engineer a way for an egg to survive being dropped from our bridge. You may use any materials needed as long as your parents or guardians give you permission. NO Peanut butter! Place an egg inside of a Zip Lock baggie first then put it into your project! This is less messy if it breaks.

You will be presenting a report to the class on the week of. You may choose to do this report on a video or a KeyNote presentation.

Report requirements:

You must include the following 3 parts in your KeyNote or Video:

1. Planning Stage: Explain in detail, the way you planned your project. Write down any and all ideas, and explain why some were chosen and others weren’t. Also include the steps you took in preparation for building your project (who you asked for help, where you looked for ideas or materials, early sketches of the project, etc.)

2. Construction Stage: Describe the construction of your project. Explain about the materials used, how you used them, and how they protect your egg. Describe the steps used to actually create the project, including anyone who helped you.

3. Test Flight Stage: You must do at least one test flight of the project. This may include throwing it in the air, or it may involve your family helping you safely find a way to drop it from a high place (Safely!!!) Do not do anything that is dangerous. You must describe the test flight, including the place, the people around and what you did to test your project. Also include the results and tell whether you decided to make any changes because of the test results. Then one final drop/throw to see if the egg stayed intact.

You are to present using KeyNote or Video on your school iPad on March 18.

Friday, March 22: Egg Drop From Bridge:

Bring your project to school with an egg inside a zip lock baggie inside of your project ready to be dropped. We will not provide an egg for you to use. We will drop the projects from the bridge and see if your egg survives without cracks.