Favorite Books

A love of reading can start with that one special book that forever leaves an impression on us.
Here are JUST A VERY FEW of my favorite books, both old and new, that continue to fuel my love of reading.

Kathryn Otoshi's books are magnificent, beautiful tools to get to the heart of being yourself, stopping bulling and the power of acceptance.
Zero One
Second Grade left quite an impression on me with books. A couple of my favorite, which I always share with my students include:
New Coat From Anna
A wonderful story about coming together and how community and family can be the same.

Miss Rumphius
A look at how we can have our adventures while adding kindness and beauty to the world.
What list would be complete without Harry Potter?!?! These are also fabulous audio books.

And a few others that are great for familyor bed time read-alouds

Witches Book James and the Gaint Peach